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LG's brief how did..?

The appeal of slicing a log into slabs and revealing the amazing patterns created by nature is enough.  To turn it into a quality musical instrument is beyond exciting.


1976 to ...

In 1976 and 1977 Wesley Lewallen was exposed to three experiences that he could not have imaged would change his life decades later.

1. In 1976 his older brother Robert took him to his first large concert; Aerosmith with ACDC.  This is when his love for music and guitars began.  Neal Schon of Journey soon become his all time favorite guitarist.

2. In 1977 after taking high school woodshop his brother Tony helped him get a job at the cabinet shop he worked.

3. Also in 1977 Wesley and his good friend Wes started taking Tae Kwon Do.

As life does Wesley's job put most of this on hold except for his love of music and guitar players. Leap forward two decades and he was able to reengage these activities starting with Tae Kwon Do.  He and his wife Tricia started what would become a very successful Martial Arts School.  The school being an evening business allowed for more woodworking time and he soon was building better and more detailed furniture.

Now the connection.  Wesley's wife without a clue what to get him for Christmas bought a $129 Fender Acoustic Guitar.  There it was everyday in front of his chair and a couple notes finally came out that sounded "ok".  As Wesley does, he wanted an electric now.  After a very short time he was saying, "I could build one of these" and off to the races; buying books, videos and everything he could to learn how to build his first guitar.  Any guitar is a woodworking project and those skills had come a long way.  Not to say there wasn't much to learn!

The most satisfying wood project ever, you could actually play it.  The second guitar he built sold at a charity auction for about $1000.  Through a second party, he heard that the new owner said "it was the best playing guitar in his collection".

Now professional musicians and guitar collectors are giving him the best compliment ever; by playing "Lewallen Guitars".  What a Dream!